CFO On-Demand

CFO Services for Your Business

Providing the expertise you need at a reasonable cost. We focus on profit protection, cash flow management, projections, and business planning. Work with a trusted CFO to grow your company’s wealth.

Benefits of CFO On-Demand Consulting Services

Our outsourced CFO services will help you:

  • Understand your cash flow and projections
  • Protect profits, hire at the right time, and control costs
  • Build a financial plan that works
  • Minimize your business risk and get better ROI
  • Avoid major financial disasters

Athena outsourced CFO on-Demand services are customized to meet your needs. Depending on the goals of your business, your CFO may suggest several different tactics to help make your operations more profitable. For instance, an entrepreneur who wants to attract investors will need a different focus from their CFO compared to an entrepreneur who’s trying to add more products to their offerings.

Cash flow forecasting

One of the most common tools your small-business CFO will reference is a cash flow forecast. This tool helps you and your strategy team understand what could happen to your cash flow in the future based on the decisions you make today.

Break-even analysis

For businesses on the verge of a cash crunch, knowing break-even points is crucial. Your sales and production teams must know how much work they have to deliver to keep the bills paid. Every business faces hard times, and if that ever happens to you, your CFO can help you dig deep and control the excess.

Variable vs. fixed expense reporting

Not all costs for your business are created equal. You will incur fixed costs regardless of what you do, and while you can reduce costs in this category, there’s only so much you can cut before the benefit to your business becomes less and less impactful. Meanwhile, your variable expenses are the costs you incur when you do work. The secret to getting wealthy is controlling these costs in an efficient manner. Your Ignite Spot CFO will be an expert at identifying these costs and keeping them in check.

Budget-to-actual reporting

Once a plan is in place, you’ll want to know how well you’re tracking to it. We all know how vital budgets are, but they don’t always get used. Your CFO can help get your budget in place and then analyze your company’s performance against it.

Labor cost management

If you’re a staff-heavy organization, you must know as much as possible about your payroll costs. Is your staff operating efficiently? Should you give someone a raise, and if so, what will it do to your business over the long run? For businesses we’ve coached across the country, labor costs tend to be their biggest downfall. They have either over-hired or not staffed enough, and the bottom line gets strained.

Debt planning and reduction

If debt is a part of your growth strategy, your CFO will help you optimize your liabilities so that they support you in your goal. If you have debt because your company has seen hard times, then we need to create a reduction plan for getting your company back on top.

When you are ready to get serious about growing your business, we are here.