Accounting Services

The more time you spend managing your back office, the less time you’re spending making your business a thriving success.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Is it the right time to outsource your accounting?

If you are wondering when your business should start outsourcing its accounting, the answer is not always straightforward. But if you are spending 100+ hours a year on bookkeeping and taxes (or even 30 hours a year), it’s safe to say that the time to outsource has come.

If it were just your time, that would be one thing. But accounting and taxes are not just time-intensive, they are also inherently risky. Businesses and their owners find themselves in turmoil all too often for making small accounting mistakes that turn into major matters of contention. Entrepreneurs who run a growing business and manage their own books cannot maintain their finances the way a trained accountant would—it is not possible.

Why Outsource your Accounting?

The 2018 Client Accounting Services (CAS) Survey, conducted by with support from, analyzed the responses of more than 1,700 companies to determine their opinion of business process outsourcing or client accounting advisory services, outsourced accounting, finance, and back-office support, including AP, AR, payroll, virtual CFO services and the technologies that support them.

The CAS Survey Revealed:

  • 80% of clients say they have more time to focus on their business.
  • 79% of companies that outsource accounting say they would refer their accountants.
  • 68% report that accounting is easier and more efficient.
  • 50% say they worry less about mistakes.
  • Roughly 30% of companies received advice from their accounting firms that helped them increase profit.
  • 30% also feel more prepared to make business decisions.